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"Show me a man who speaks no words and I will have a conversation with him” ~ Chuang Tzu

I'm a hobbyist photographer and attorney living in Santa Fe, NM. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, where I enjoyed enjoyed the outdoors with my family as a child. Following law school, my wife and I headed west and became captivated by the beauty of the American Southwest. Together with our adopted dog Diego (an all-American mix of the desert and the inspiration for Desert Dog Photography), we  embraced the adventure spirit of the American West. Photography became a means to share the beauty an spirit of those early adventures.

With time, photography itself became part of my language. As a trained lawyer, I needed to find a voice beyond the cold rationality and logic of words. I found that new voice—photography—in the serene beauty of the American West. For me, photography is as much about the reflective moments in the wilderness as it is about the image. In those moments of commune in the wilderness, I hear and feel a different voice echoing from the mountains, canyons, and desert around me. Every once in a while, when the light is just right, and the roaring silence of nature rings loud across the landscape, I feel the spark of the divine adventure and beauty within all things. I hope that every one of my photographs tells the viewer something of the spirit of a place that words alone cannot adequately convey, and that in turn, such spirit inspires the viewer to explore, protect, and preserve wildness. 

~~Brian VanDenzen, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Remembering the Desert Dog


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- Outdoor Photographer, Nov. 2018, "Mountains Spirits"

- New Mexico Magazine, 2019 Enchanting New Mexico Calendar, July "Pinon's Pulpit"

- New Mexico Magazine, Jan./February 2021, "Pasion del Gaucho" 

- New Mexico Magazine, January/February 2022,  "Study in Ice"

Untitled photo
Untitled photo


- 2006 Los Alamos Photographer’s Show, 2 images ~ February 2006

- 2007 Salon De Luz, 10-images, Los Alamos Mesa Library Gallery ~ April - June, 2007.

- 2018 Backpew Gallery, First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, NM. 

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